Flying Lessons Cost

Here you will find all of the flying lessons cost for all our various courses, hourly rates, B&B accommodation, plus aircraft hire and trial lessons, but please call us if you need more info.

We're only a couple of hours from London, which means our flying lessons cost is much cheaper

We offer:-

- Extremely competitive rates

- All landing fees are included in the price

- Accommodation nearby at an exellent rate.

- We operate from Duxford airfield and are the only only school there so no vying with other schools for take-off slots. We can get to the real priority of teaching you how to fly, rather than waiting at the hold.

- Two runways - choose from grass or concrete so you get experience on both

- Good restaurants and facilities on site

- You are in Europe's best historic aviation collection, and often get the chance to see Spitfires and other historic aircraft in flight, practising their aerobatic routines.