Advanced PPL Courses

These courses are for those qualified pilots who are continuously seeking to improve and extend their flying abilities. It is designed to refine those skills acquired during basic training and to explore further into such things as short strip operations, bad weather operations, advanced stalling, consistent smooth landings and a revision of all emergency procedures plus a lot more.
For the seasoned pilot, it is all so easy to fall into the world of complacency, even though you are required to do one hours dual training every two years (minimum).

For these reasons, our instructors are here to help improve your skills and we can tailor any course to match your requirements.
So why not:

• brush off the cobwebs from those little used skill areas
• have the chance to fly the aircraft in those corners of the flight envelope you won't have been near for some time (if ever)
• practice some elaborate emergencies
• learn alternative well proven procedures
• improve your decision making skills from exposure to highly experienced pilot instructors
• learn and practice "real world" stuff that works - tried and tested