Tailwheel Conversions

The Taildragger is our speciality, renowned for our Super Cub flying.
This is one of our most popular courses! There are literally hundreds of farm strips distributed around the countryside and nearly all of them welcome flying visitors
On this course you will explore a world of undiscovered landing sites that you never imagined existed. You will also become competent enough with your handling skills to get the aircraft safely in and out of them.
Aircraft with a tailwheel take a little more finesse and practice to take off and land. Mastering the art of handling a taildragger is not difficult but it’s extremely satisfying.
Once completed, our comprehensive course will have paved the way for you to enjoy flying a whole new category of aircraft. Our expert instructors will lead you through this official conversion process.
We offer tailwheel conversions on a Standard 5 hour course where you will learn the skills needed to operate and solo a tailwheel aircraft.
We also offer a Farmstrip special course that gives you 8 hours flying, where you carry out the 5 hour conversion before using the added 3 hours for visiting local farmstrips, putting your new found skills to good use.